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Blog guilt?

I haven’t posted in a few weeks, and I’ve been feeling a nagging sense of guilt, which is actually easy breezy for me.  I can rock mommy guilt, wife guilt, and employee guilt with the best of them.  Why not blog guilt?

When I started up this site, I self-committed to posting regularly, and did so for quite a while.  The last month? Nada! But as I force myself to slow down long enough to reflect on the past few weeks, I’m surprised and elated to note that guilt is actually superseded by pride and a sense of accomplishment.

University of Glasgow Welcome Reception in DC
Evan after a successful first year at college, hauling stuff out to the car.

Brian and Evan are home for the summer, and that in and of itself means that life is busier.  Additionally, there’s been lots of other stuff happening. 

  • Brian received his diploma, graduating Summa Cum Laude with recognition from the Honor’s College at Salisbury University.
  • Evan completed his first year at Salisbury University, with no special accommodations, taking courses in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Calculus, English, Communication, Information Systems and Physics, all with B’s and C’s!
  • Brian received a firm offer from University of Glasgow, and will embark on his Master’s Program in History in September.
  • Seeing as that Brian will likely need some help getting settled into his new digs in Scotland, and being the kind and loving mom that I am 😊, I’ve offered to help him during the move-in process.  We’ve booked airfare for both Brian and myself to travel to Glasgow in September.  Knowing that I’m a huge Outlander fan, Brian has kindly agreed to join me on an Outlander tour, visiting many of the castles and locales from the book and TV series. I can’t wait!
  • Evan and I are celebrating his 20th birthday with a trip to Firefly Music Festival next weekend in Dover.  Four days of camping, sweat, bugs, and a musical lineup of bands that I’ve (mostly) never heard of.  I’m sure it’ll be worth it as the time spent with Evan will be precious. We’ve been pre-packing and planning for weeks, and we’re almost set to go.
  • Immediately after returning from the Great American Campout at Firefly, Evan, Brian and I will begin carpooling three days a week to my office, where they both were offered part-time, summer positions.  Brian as an Editor and Evan, as a Financial Management Student Trainee.  This is such a blessing…it’s first real jobs for both of them.  The folks I work with are kind and understanding, and I think this will be wonderful summer employment for them both.
  • I recently attended a conference at work that opened some doors which could potentially lead to some exciting opportunities in the future.  I’m embarking on some new interesting paths…no telling where it all might lead!
  • My mom invited my sister (from Charlotte, NC) and me to join her for a girl’s weekend in Little Rock, and we recently met up in Arkansas to hang out, catch up and enjoy each other’s company.
  • My hubby celebrated his birthday, and of course Father’s Day this month, and we went out to our favorite restaurant to celebrate.
  • In the last month, I’ve run both a half-marathon and a 10K, both of which provided an excuse for my husband and myself to explore some new areas of town, and try out some creative post-race cuisine.  I even won my age group award in the 10K!  I was the only one in my age group, but hey an award’s an award!

So I haven’t been blogging much lately, but looking at all that’s happened in the last few weeks, I’m at peace.  I’m savoring this busy, fun and exciting time spent with my family.  These moments are truly priceless!

10-Mile Mark at St. Michael’s 1/2 Marathon


I am an Autism parent, an Aspie, and married to an Aspie, Ed, my husband of 24 years. I’m writing to share our story, which is the real-life drama of raising two boys on the autism spectrum. Our story contains tragedy, comedy, lots of action, conflict and adventure. But it’s also the story of the evolution of an autism parent. For as much progress as my sons have made, I may have made more. I’ve become who I am today through their struggles and triumphs. People have told me over the years that I am a hero and role model. I don’t feel that way. My superheroes are Brian and Evan, and maybe my superpower has been in raising them. They are true trailblazers and the wind beneath my wings.

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