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Silence and Darkness…Evan Recalls Life as a Baby with Autism

This video was filmed in early 2011.  Evan was almost 12 and Brian had just turned 14.  We were in a hotel room in Atlanta, having tagged along with Ed one of his business trips. 

We were playing in the hotel room when Evan mentioned that he could recall that when he was little, he couldn’t see or hear.  I wanted to capture Evan’s thoughts on the matter, and thus turned on the video camera and “interviewed” him.  In typical big brother razzing little bro fashion, Brian playfully teases Evan, calling him a “liar liar”.  Evan has the best memory of anyone I’ve ever known, and wasn’t much on lying (at least not at that age…all bets were off as an older teen).  I think he was being for real.  And how scary it must have been for him!