Why Another Blog on Autism?

My name is Cindy Snow, and I am the mom of two young men on the autism spectrum.  I’m also a self-diagnosed Aspie*, and married to an Aspie.  My father was an undiagnosed Aspie, and his mother (my grandmother) was likely on the spectrum as well.  We’ve been up to our eyeballs in autism for four generations! 

These are the chronicles of me, and my boys (which includes my husband of 24 years).  These stories will include our transformation tales, which for each of us, occurred at a different pace, in a different manner. 

As a new parent in late 1996, I had no idea what autism was, or sensory integration issues, or an awareness of anxiety or depression.  Although a steep learning curve, with the help of therapists, fellow autism parents, teachers, doctors, and others along the way, I quickly learned and grew into my role as an autism mom. It’s been quite an adventure, a slow march of two steps forward and one step back, and frequently one step forward and two (or three or six) steps back. 

Now that my boys are young men, I can finally see the forest and the trees, and I’m amazed at how far we’ve come. This blog won’t always be pretty, but I promise I’ll be real. I’ll share what’s worked well (and not so well), helpful words of wisdom, and describe some of the heroes that guided us through our darkest hours.

No two journeys are the same, just as no two kids on the spectrum are the same.  Still, I’m hopeful that something that’s happened along the way will serve to inspire, benefit, comfort or guide those of you who are earlier in your journey. And perhaps I can also serve as a kindred spirit…someone who understands and “gets it”.

As an autism mom, I do get it.  I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, poked holes in it, ripped it up, replaced it, wash, rinse, repeat.  I’ve felt isolation, hopelessness, sadness and desperation. But I’ve come out the other side to feel hope, joy and pride at seeing my boys become the witty, beautiful, talented and creative young men they are today.

These are some of our stories.

* BTW although the DSM-V no longer includes “Asperger’s Syndrome” as a separate diagnosis, we’ve long used the term “Aspie” in our house, and so I”ll do the same within this blog.  Another note…I’ll use the term “Asperger’s Syndrome”, never “Asperger’s Disorder”.  It’s not a disorder; our brains are simply wired in creative and unique ways. 🙂